FOLLOX lighting calculation data

Casablanca offers lighting calculation data of its FOLLOX line suitable for light planning with common light measurement and planning softwares.

You can download the EULUMDAT (LDT) and IES files on this page.

Both variants, FOLLOX 1 and FOLLOX 3S, ware measured each with 220-250V-LEDs and with 24V-LEDs.

The data are for 45 cm of FOLLOX profile with 40 cm of LED length inside. For the calculation of longer FOLLOX lighting luminaires the data can be easily multiplicated by factor 2 up to factor 6 depending on the length of the profile.

The measurement of the light was executed in a professional light labratory under standardized circumstances. The measured values are data of the luminaires. The mentioned technical details in the cataloge are data of the LED chips.


Download (LDT and IES) as ZIP file