Ceiling luminaires

IO 1


white IO01-D471A
yellow IO02-D471A
blue IO03-D471A
red IO04-D471A
green IO05-D471A


IO 2


white IO01-D472A
yellow IO02-D472A
blue IO03-D472A
red IO04-D472A
green IO05-D472A



Glass discs available in white matt (on one side) and dichroic borosilicate glasses in 4 colors, that change depending on the angle of illumination and point of view. Top and bottom glasses can be combined as required.
Handbrushed aluminium

Lighting source

IO I 1x G9 Halopin max. 60 W (not included)
IO II 2x G9 Halopin max. 60 W (not included)

Further information

Universal mounting box for recessed or surface installation.