A new idea in lighting for sophisticated lighting layouts in interior design projects. Minimalist look. High-quality materials. Versatile technology. Easy to install. Inspirational interior design.

Casablanca has been manufacturing exclusive luminaires since 1980; Follox is the company’s first completely extensible lighting system using slimline aluminium profiles fitted with specialised diffusers in Plexiglas.

The 30 mm wide LED luminaires at lengths from 45 to 247 cm can be combined to any length using intermediate and corner pieces for mounting onto or recessed into solid or suspended ceilings or as pendant luminaires, or on walls. Either way, both Follox 1 with lighting from one side and Follox 3S with lighting from three sides feature high or low-voltage LED technology to address all of the common needs in modern lighting and lighting control.

In our FOLLOX catalogue you will find all products and parts of the FOLLOX series as well as comprehensive information about their possibilities and technology.

For the professional light planning we provide light measurement data.

Please contact us for any questions regarding FOLLOX and its possible applications or for light planning support!



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