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Optimal Dining Table Lighting Calculator

Choosing the best lighting for dining tables is a challenge

Illumination, ambiance and architecture must be brought into harmony.

The basic requirement is good illumination of the table surface, possibly with accentuation of individual areas. The guests at the table should not be sitting in the dark, but they should not be directly illuminated either. The distances between the lamp(s) and the seats as well as the avoidance of possible glare risks must be taken into account. Since dining tables are not office workplaces, the overall impression of the ensemble must be considered in addition to the lighting. Lastly, the different dining table shapes and sizes do not make choosing the ideal lighting any easier.

However, the best illumination of the dining table and the most beautiful design of the dining area are not enough - the atmosphere must also be right and significantly influences whether all guests feel comfortable at the table.

Our planning assistant will therefore help you to find the right luminaire for your dining table.

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